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Vaping Marijuana Is Healthier Than Smoking It



Vaporizing or “vape of cannabis has gained in attractiveness over the last several years, as e-cigarettes have. But what exactly is vaporizing, and could it be safe? We’ll help distinct reality from fiction.

WHAT’S Vaping?

Essentially, vaping is the heating system of cannabis without burning. The heat produces the active ingredients into a vapor that is then released in to the air in a fine mist created with a vaporizer device. Since combustion does not occur, smoke is not created.

Vaporizer products range in size and efficiency; this article will give attention to desktop and lightweight flower vaporizers.

Is Vaping Safe?

According to two recent survey studies, people who vape cannabis perceive it to have health benefits and discover it to be safer and less bad for their health than smoking, Furthermore, cannabis vaporizers are specifically suitable for inhalation without dangerous smoke toxins.

  • But what do researchers say?
  • Does vaporizing reduce ingestion of possibly harmful toxins like tar, ammonia, and carcinogens within cannabis smoke?

While there is hardly any research on cannabis vaporizing, studies over time have shown that vaporizing does produce fewer carcinogenic substances than smoking marijuana since it is heated however, not combusted.

The advantages of Cannabis Vaporization

Many medical patients have difficult respiratory systems and their lung area may be highly annoyed by smoke cigars, so they often find pain relief in vapor inhalation.

Some say vaporizers produce a more clear-headed high because smoke is not inhaled, but there are few studies that research whether vaping and smoking indeed create different kinds of highs.

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Vaping vs. Dabbing: WHY YOU NEED TO Care About Heat

In a recent 2014 study around 100 subjects who both smoked and vaporized, consumers reported several features of vaporizing over smoking, including the lack of smoke cigarettes smell and better flavor. They also reported that the same amount of cannabis product produced more impact with vaping. Following the study, practically all participants prepared to continue vaporizer use.

Amateur consumers also have a tendency to prefer vaporizing because the vapor can be inhaled in a nutshell puffs somewhat than profound breaths. Also, people appreciate the added advantage that it’s more discreet to use a vaporizer.


Vape Temps Matters

A 2009 review was one of the first ever to look at changing temps and vaporizing. Like earlier studies, this 2009 review not only revealed fewer harmful byproducts in vape versus smoking, but also showed that temperature things.

In this analysis, cannabis was vaporized at three different heat (338?F, 392?F, and 446?F), with the cannabinoid-to-byproduct percentage assessed using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Therefore, the elusive question regarding preferred vaporizer temps can finally be clarified.

Research on Cannabis Vaporization Ahead

Ten years ago, cannabis research hadn’t occurred thoroughly because cannabis was unlawful in most countries. As cannabis legalization and popularity continues to multiply across the United States and the world, more scientific tests are being conducted. A rise in information about vape and better option of products is creating more charm to cannabis users for both recreational and medicinal use.

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The Perks About Vaping

Perks About Vaping

The world of vaping has exploded over the past couple of years with a myriad of electronic cigarettes and other vaping mechanisms. For some reason people who vape have gotten a bad name for one reason or another. Honestly, as a fellow vaper this could be because some blow huge clouds of smoke that go into people’s faces. Regardless if the smoke is harmless or not these people are invading the other’s personal space with the smoke. However, there are plenty of positives about this trend and they are as follows.

Vaping has become a great way for people to help reduce their cravings for cigarettes. Everyone knows the cigarettes are bad for the lungs and the body overall. There are vape juices that have certain amounts of nicotine that can help a smoker wean off the nicotine which the chemical that smokers are actually addicted to. Other people have an oral fixation where they enjoy smoking something regardless if they get the nicotine or not. Vaping has been shown to leave less lung damage than cigarettes so it is truly a blessing for those who are lifelong smokers.

The truth is that you can vape nearly everywhere if you are sneaky enough. People blowing big clouds are going to be the first to get caught but on something like a city tour you can vape without the rest of the group knowing. On a vast property like that of the Biltmore you can vape in one of their botanical gardens. Many bars allow vaping as well but this does not mean to blow huge clouds either. This can ruin it for everyone like in many places where people flaunting their vapinghave  done already.

Vaping is relatively inexpensive compared to buying a pack of cigarettes per day. In fact there are people who make their own vape juices which can further reduce the cost. Many single cartridges of this vape juice can last weeks if not months for those who like a puff once in a while.

As you can see vaping has quite a few positive features although it is looked down upon by some. This is a great smelling and healthier alternative to cigarettes that more people should embrace.

Seven Easy Steps To Stop Smoking

When a smoker has decided to quit smoking, they soon realize it is a very tough thing to accomplish.  There are many different ways to quit and many different products available that can help you complete this task successfully.  There are also many different plans and suggestions that smokers can use to help themselves to be successfully smoke free.  One of the most important steps to take is to mentally prepare yourself that you are ready and you really want to stop.  You have to be mentally ready or your chances of succeeding will be much lower.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit

When trying to stop smoking, it is very difficult for most people.  Smoking is an addiction with strong habits both physically and mentally.  Physically, a smoker will have that cigarette in their hand and they get very use to the smoking process.  Mentally, the cigarette contains nicotine and nicotine is very addicting.  Nicotine can make your brain smile at least for a short period of time.  Many people use it to reduce stress, anxiety, boredom, depression and anger along with many other emotions that seems to be clamed by the effect of nicotine.  When your body has stopped getting its supply of nicotine then it will go through withdrawals creating many of the effects such as anxiety, anger, depression and all of the symptoms that many people smoked to help curb.

Suggestions To Make It Easier

  • Learn how to deal with stress without smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Stay away from smoker
  • Keep substitutes for your cigarettes close to you
  • Change any routine that use to encourage you to smoke
  • Do not worry about any weight gain issues
  • Deal with the cravings to have a cigarette – Do not give in

Many smokers smoke to deal with stress so that is a tough one for most.  When most smokers are drinking alcohol they want to have their cigarettes for a more relaxing or partying approach.  Also remaining smoke free when you are around other smokers, make it harder to not smoke just one more cigarette.  Try to avoid situations that make you want to smoke and do not worry about gaining weight because once the smoking habit is under control you can always drop a few pounds by a little more exercise.  Learn to be strong and avoid those cravings that will appear and disappear causing you to want just one more cigarette.

When most smokers try to stop, one of the choices that many have chosen to help make them successful, it to use certain products to help them to get through their withdrawals and  their cravings.  When the urge for a cigarette gets uncontrollable it is better to use one of these products instead of smoking just one more cigarette that will put back the nicotine into your system.  This makes the job of becoming smoke free more of a challenge.  One of the most popular products that many people are using today is the Electronic Cigarette.

What Is Vaping? Everything a Beginner Needs To Know

vape juice

Have you saw e-juice recently and wondered what you’d do with this? You are not alone as there are truly thousands and thousands who are thinking the same. More people today are vaping than ever before and it’s not hard to see why. However, there are many who really aren’t sure what all this is about. So, what does a beginner need to know when it comes to vaping? Read on to find out more.

What is a Vaping Device?

A vaping device can be anything from a small pen-like shaped device to a large box-like device. The way in which vaping works is very simple; someone uses e-liquids or e-juices with their vaping device and it is that in which they essentially vape. The e-liquids or juices can create a vapor effect giving the illusion of smoking. The vapor pen can be used in a variety of ways and, for the most part, people really enjoy using them. However, these come in a variety of forms and they are available from many outlets.

Why Use E-Juice?

E-juices can come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, standard tobacco, and many others. However, it is these which the vaping devices use to vape and they can be very interesting to say the least. You will find the e-liquids or juices have to be filled in the little vaping chamber of the device (although some can be connected via a cartridge port) and once they are ready to go, you can vape away. A vapor pen is incredibly easy to use and certainly something that more want to use. For most beginners, they are advised to start off with the basic flavors such as traditional cigarette or tobacco flavors as they are probably used to them. However, when using different e-juices, it’s wise to use small amounts to allow your palette time to adjust.

Buying the Vaping Equipment

First of all, you are more than wise to consider buying a starter kit as this comes with the vaping device, e-liquids, and charging cables, as well as a few other accessories. These can be a little more costly at times but they can be well worth the money. Usually, once you buy the vaping device, you only really need to concentrate on buying the refills of the e-juice. That is truly ideal and really something which is more affordable in a sense. You can actually save a good few hundred per year (if not thousands) on e-juices and e-liquids.

It Takes Time to Get Used To Vaping

vape juiceTo be honest, a lot of beginners struggle with vaping simply because the tastes are not what they are used to. However, that being said, this can be an enjoyable process for a lot of people as long as you give your palette and body time to adjust. Sometimes, you just need to use the vapor pen once or twice a day for a few moments in order to get used to them. A lot of people will find this annoying but it’s actually a wise move to begin with. read more from

Enjoy Vaping

Beginners can often have a hard time with vaping simply because it’s new and not something they are familiar with. However, once you get to know a little more about vaping in general you can feel a lot more confident about them. You really will enjoy using the vaping device and with the right e-juices and liquids you will enjoy. Buy the best e-juice today and enjoy your vaping device.

The Hazy World of Vaping Ads

e cig vape pen

Using a pod vape has become extremely popular over the last few years as thousands more use them each and every day. However, it does seem as though vaping isn’t really well advertised in the conventional sense and that has led millions to be left unaware of what this can offer them. It does seem a bit strange but there is a real haziness surrounding vaping and how it’s advertised. Why is there such a haze surrounding vaping ads and will it affect those interested in vaping?

Restrictions over Ads

Unfortunately, when it comes to vaping ads, there are a lot of restrictions over how people view these. For example, there are tighter restrictions as to how someone can advertise a vaping device. They are not always allowed to be shown before nine o’clock in the evening and in some cases, not anywhere on television. You might think that is a bit extreme but it’s simply because the government doesn’t want to encourage people to vape. That is why you don’t see vapor mods and other such devices heavily advertised on TV. Online is a different story. You can see more ads; but again, you have to search for them.

Smoking Is Bad For You

While vaping is different from smoking, people often perceive the two as the same and, as such, look at getting vaping ads banned. You cannot blame people for taking action to ensure fewer people smoke or vape as its sometimes bad for their health. Also, there are many parents who believe if they freely advertise vaping then their children will be even more likely to start vaping. Using a pod vape for most parents for their children is awful and in a way, you cannot blame parents for taking action. However, vaping ads might not encourage young people to smoke or vape as there is already a lot of encouragement. check this out!

Will The Future Be Different For Advertisements?

e cig vape penIn all honesty, there doesn’t look as though there will be any sort of change when it comes to vaping ads. The reason why is simply because governments are taking action to reduce the amount of people smoking and while vaping can help; they are worried it’ll encourage others to take this up instead. In truth, a lot of people want to see vaping stopped just as they want to see smoking stopped and banned too. There will be even stricter regulations over the way vapor mods are advertised. It will be so much restricted that maybe the only form of advertisement will be online.

Ads and Restrictions

Have you not noticed how smoking isn’t well advertised on television now? In truth, there are bans on how cigarettes are advertised and it is getting a big push simply because it’s trying to stop people of all ages from smoking. Vaping is now going down that same path and, in a way, people aren’t convinced of them and governments don’t want to actively promote them just in case they are as deadly as cigarettes. There are not going to be many outlets offering ads for pod vape and other such devices now or even in the future.

How to Promote Your Vape Shop Online

vape pen

You want to sell vapor mods and love the idea of setting up a little store or shop online. This can be a wonderful avenue to explore but the problem is that promoting or advertising your vape shop online isn’t going to be easy. You see, traditional stores can advertise in the traditional manner but with vape stores, it’s very much different. There are a lot of restrictions over how someone can advertise their shop and it means you have to be a little more creative in a sense. read more here!

You Cannot Forget SEO

While traditional promotion isn’t always going to be an option, SEO or search engine optimization is still very much a possibility. Now, you have to look at this in a more conservative manner. You will not be able to just focus on optimization of the content because while that’s a good way forward, more is needed. You have to ensure you research the type of keywords that will prove effective for vaping. You can use words such as vape pen but that might not always be the most effective. There is a lot of research that is needed here so that you can find the right keywords for your store.

Write Vaping Articles

More often than not, people will find your website through the articles you post online and it’s these which will prove most effective. However, you cannot simply opt for the same old articles that hundreds of others are doing, you want yours to be unique in every sense. That is why you have to look at writing about vapor mods in a more interesting light. Try to cover facts that haven’t been covered before and link to your website. This is going to be the most effective way to get more from your site and really it’ll help promote it too. It’s going to be hard work but anything is possible.

Blog If You Can

vape penIt wouldn’t hurt to start blogging about this topic and it might be a useful way to get people directed towards your website too. Now, a lot of people forget to blog but it can be a really useful option and something you will find is very good to say the least. You don’t have to write twenty blog posts a day, one would be sufficient; just remember to update every so often. This will help keep readers interested and returning. It should also help you get more advertising for your business. Remember, more people want a vape pen now and they will to be directed to the best avenue possible. You have to show them the way forward. learn more from

It Will Take Time

Promoting your vape shop online is not going to be a successful overnight adventure; it’ll take serious time, energy, and effort. You have to understand, there are thousands of stores online and yours is just one in a sea of many. You have to do your part to make your site stand out and really make something for itself. Hopefully, you’ll see success and sell lots of vapor mods today.