Seven Easy Steps To Stop Smoking

When a smoker has decided to quit smoking, they soon realize it is a very tough thing to accomplish.  There are many different ways to quit and many different products available that can help you complete this task successfully.  There are also many different plans and suggestions that smokers can use to help themselves to be successfully smoke free.  One of the most important steps to take is to mentally prepare yourself that you are ready and you really want to stop.  You have to be mentally ready or your chances of succeeding will be much lower.

Why Is It So Hard To Quit

When trying to stop smoking, it is very difficult for most people.  Smoking is an addiction with strong habits both physically and mentally.  Physically, a smoker will have that cigarette in their hand and they get very use to the smoking process.  Mentally, the cigarette contains nicotine and nicotine is very addicting.  Nicotine can make your brain smile at least for a short period of time.  Many people use it to reduce stress, anxiety, boredom, depression and anger along with many other emotions that seems to be clamed by the effect of nicotine.  When your body has stopped getting its supply of nicotine then it will go through withdrawals creating many of the effects such as anxiety, anger, depression and all of the symptoms that many people smoked to help curb.

Suggestions To Make It Easier

  • Learn how to deal with stress without smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Stay away from smoker
  • Keep substitutes for your cigarettes close to you
  • Change any routine that use to encourage you to smoke
  • Do not worry about any weight gain issues
  • Deal with the cravings to have a cigarette – Do not give in

Many smokers smoke to deal with stress so that is a tough one for most.  When most smokers are drinking alcohol they want to have their cigarettes for a more relaxing or partying approach.  Also remaining smoke free when you are around other smokers, make it harder to not smoke just one more cigarette.  Try to avoid situations that make you want to smoke and do not worry about gaining weight because once the smoking habit is under control you can always drop a few pounds by a little more exercise.  Learn to be strong and avoid those cravings that will appear and disappear causing you to want just one more cigarette.

When most smokers try to stop, one of the choices that many have chosen to help make them successful, it to use certain products to help them to get through their withdrawals and  their cravings.  When the urge for a cigarette gets uncontrollable it is better to use one of these products instead of smoking just one more cigarette that will put back the nicotine into your system.  This makes the job of becoming smoke free more of a challenge.  One of the most popular products that many people are using today is the Electronic Cigarette.