The Hazy World of Vaping Ads

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Using a pod vape has become extremely popular over the last few years as thousands more use them each and every day. However, it does seem as though vaping isn’t really well advertised in the conventional sense and that has led millions to be left unaware of what this can offer them. It does seem a bit strange but there is a real haziness surrounding vaping and how it’s advertised. Why is there such a haze surrounding vaping ads and will it affect those interested in vaping?

Restrictions over Ads

Unfortunately, when it comes to vaping ads, there are a lot of restrictions over how people view these. For example, there are tighter restrictions as to how someone can advertise a vaping device. They are not always allowed to be shown before nine o’clock in the evening and in some cases, not anywhere on television. You might think that is a bit extreme but it’s simply because the government doesn’t want to encourage people to vape. That is why you don’t see vapor mods and other such devices heavily advertised on TV. Online is a different story. You can see more ads; but again, you have to search for them.

Smoking Is Bad For You

While vaping is different from smoking, people often perceive the two as the same and, as such, look at getting vaping ads banned. You cannot blame people for taking action to ensure fewer people smoke or vape as its sometimes bad for their health. Also, there are many parents who believe if they freely advertise vaping then their children will be even more likely to start vaping. Using a pod vape for most parents for their children is awful and in a way, you cannot blame parents for taking action. However, vaping ads might not encourage young people to smoke or vape as there is already a lot of encouragement. check this out!

Will The Future Be Different For Advertisements?

e cig vape penIn all honesty, there doesn’t look as though there will be any sort of change when it comes to vaping ads. The reason why is simply because governments are taking action to reduce the amount of people smoking and while vaping can help; they are worried it’ll encourage others to take this up instead. In truth, a lot of people want to see vaping stopped just as they want to see smoking stopped and banned too. There will be even stricter regulations over the way vapor mods are advertised. It will be so much restricted that maybe the only form of advertisement will be online.

Ads and Restrictions

Have you not noticed how smoking isn’t well advertised on television now? In truth, there are bans on how cigarettes are advertised and it is getting a big push simply because it’s trying to stop people of all ages from smoking. Vaping is now going down that same path and, in a way, people aren’t convinced of them and governments don’t want to actively promote them just in case they are as deadly as cigarettes. There are not going to be many outlets offering ads for pod vape and other such devices now or even in the future.